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During past of days,there are someone keep saying some Bad&Rude words about us on Internet to Confuse people's minds .It lead to my cowokers have to spent a lot of time to explain.I couldn`t bear any more,so i think it`s time to do some things now!

It's ridiculous to slander that company website with fake alex rank.Well, i think It's ridiculous to say that alex rank of a company is fake.But i have to.because this guy did.Since we start to do business with our customers,we are always try our best to establish the best Service and image.Our efforts were not in vain until this person appear.we contacted actively the slander called multytem by phone call then email, , no answer no reply, we tried to make reviews under his post, but tended to be deleted without informing.

We make a public letter on our company blog:

I really really really...want to know what`s the reason of this guy did so to us,If "YOU" can read this ,I hope Strongly you can stop and out to clear what you have done.

Forgiveness will be after your apologize!!!!

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Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom #954785

Great company. Phone screens always arrive on time. Don't even celebrate Chinese holiday.

to Muke Lorris Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom #960613

This is the realest thing I've heard all day.


This is a fruad.

The way that he types the caps and the way he spells are common factors of fruad.

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #740765

I have been buying from TVC-Mall now for over a year and EVERYTHING has worked perfect.A few items has been of low quality but at the same time the price has been very low.

I have bought both parts for iPhone and accessories for between 5-6000 USD.

I recommend them to other buyers.My contact Vicky has always been great and service minded.


POOR company fake.avoid it.

it will give you peace of mind.They wont send yoru items on time.



Maybe you can come here.You will enjoy the high quality snd low price!


We have had thousands of dollars worth of their merchandise seized by US Customs. TVC assured us that the merchandise (like cases) they sold was genuine Apple with Apple logos. As it turned out, it is ALL COUNTERFEIT! Nice one guys.

Here are several reasons never to use TVC. They often ship used parts when you are expecting brand new ones. The quality of their parts is mediocre AT BEST. They call many aftermarket parts OEM. They HEAVILY pad their shipping charges. They are by far the most expensive China distributor out there. And ... oh yeah ... they're not necessarily trustworthy!

Do yourself a favor. Either order from reputable distributors from China or avoid the headache altogether and buy from US distributors. You can actually get better deals ordering from US based companies that buy directly from the factories in China (not from middlemen like TVC) and ship their merchandise to the US by inexpensive shipping containers rather than expensive UPS or DHL.


I bought some mobile phone leather cases from them...

quality is good and everything went fine.

I did not yet purchase a bigger amount of products, but with my last order I'm quite satisfied.


I have purchased $2500 worth of iPhone Parts, and received Tracking # and it has been 3 Months and nothing.I'm getting the FTC involved as you are Making Money to Build your fortune and then later maybe have stock or just vanish.

Consumer Electronics is a Very Big Business and you know how much is involved. Saying you are from China is putting China down?

As for the FTC will put a Stop to your Website, and you when we get there.It is a Matter of time as the Public will not be captured, but the Website Developer and Staff of TVC-MALL


There are many person say tvc-mall is a scam,you need pay your scam,nobody trust your quibbling

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